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My work at Mindbody

MINDBODY App Class Schedule

Promoted health and wellness through easy online booking

Customer app

Mindbody's most high-profile project of 2015 was the redesign of the fitness and wellness booking app. I worked closely with designers to rewrite the entire app using our new voice and tone. The new voice allowed us to express the human, authentic, radiant, and inclusive lifestyle that we were seeking to promote at MINDBODY.

MINDBODY Express Client Profile

Delivered easy, on-the-go business tools

Business app

Mindbody needed a full redesign of their business app. As a first step, we redesigned the client profile experience. I attended weekly design reviews and worked with research to write content that helped businesses quickly and easily check people in, make sales, and more.

Voice and Tone Guide

Created consistency through content strategy

Voice and tone guide

I led the creation of the first Mindbody UX voice and tone guide. It defines how Mindbody use their voice to create valuable and enjoyable experiences for customers. The voice is based on the company core values and emphasizes the importance of empathy in every interaction.

Client Acquisition Dashborad

Built trust through transparent reporting

Customer acquisition

As part of our paid marketing program, we designed a new dashboard that allows businesses to see how people are interacting with their business. Businesses were delighted and inspired by the insights about their customers.

Google Modal

Encouraged growth by adding new marketing channels

Google partnership

We were overjoyed to announce that we could help our businesses get listed on Google! I worked with research to make sure the in-product messaging provided business owners with clear and relevant details about it. Overall, businesses were delighted with the opportunity to get new clients and exposure.

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