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Green Plant

Lindsay Dilworth

UX Writer & Content Strategist

I believe that communication is the key to every successful relationship.

My mission is to help people and companies meet each other's needs through conversation. Check out my work to see how I'm making that happen.

About me


Growing up, dancing was the first thing that set my heart on fire. Movement and music have always been an essential part of my life. They led me to my first career as a Pilates instructor.


While teaching Pilates, I learned about a tech company called Mindbody. I welcomed the transition to my new career helping Pilates businesses get online and I excelled as an account manager. The company recognized my skills and gave me an exciting opportunity to embrace my passion for communication as a UX Writer.


After 7 years at Mindbody in San Luis Obispo, I was dreaming of new adventures in San Francisco. I humbly accepted a UX writing position at Google. I led the content strategy for Merchant Center and guided my UX, Eng, and PM partners through thick UX content challenges. 

I grew immensely during my 5 years at Google and have deep respect for their mission. In search of a new challenge, I left Google in February 2022. I'm currently working as a freelance UX content designer and online fitness coach.


I enjoy physical activities like running and hiking. I also write poetry and brew my own kombucha. I love meeting new people; message me if you want to connect!

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