Green Plant

Lindsay Dilworth

UX Writer + Strategist

I believe that communication is the key to life. My dream is to help people and companies successfully meet each other's needs through conversation. Check out my projects to see how I'm making that happen.

About me


Growing up, dance was my first love. Movement and music have always been a driving force in my life. They led me to my first career as a Pilates instructor.


When the US recession hit in 2008, one of my Pilates clients told me about a tech company called Mindbody. I welcomed the transition to my new career in tech. It gave me a home where I would soon rediscover my passion for writing and the creative process.


After 7 years at Mindbody, I had dreams of new adventures in San Francisco. I was honored to be offered a UX writing position at Google where I've been noodling on words for the last 4 years. Focusing on ads and now shopping, I find myself invigorated and inspired by new challenges everyday.


When I'm not playing with words, I enjoy physical activities like pilates, dance, running, and roller skating. I also write poetry and brew my own kombucha. I love meeting new people; message me if you want to connect!